Hello, こんにちは, bonjour, hola, muraho, សួស្តី, habari, سلام, përshëndetje. My name is Ann (she/her/hers). 
Big picture? Freelance multimedia storyteller meets global human rights advocate.
Project tools? A camera and phone, pen and paper, keyboard and mouse, voice and action.
Final outcome? Connecting the dots of this world. 
Born a mutt of half Japanese and half American origins, raised in a multicultural community (shout-out to Chicago!), and curiosities that have so far led across four continents and 25+ countries: the biggest lesson I have learned in all my experiences is that people are more similar than they are different. Human connection has solved - and is solving - deeply rooted conflicts.
This is where storytelling steps in. The earnest, honest sharing of stories. Communication and understanding are key to cultivating a well-informed, compassionate society.
So, this is what I pursue. It is in my literal DNA. I primarily work with photos, videos, and words in fields ranging from human rights, cross-cultural communication,  education, health, wellness, news, and travel. My style is primarily news/documentary. I am drawn to explore the multidimensional potential of how we see and frame the world, and what different perspectives mean for our relationships with ourselves, others, objects, places, and ideas.
I consume every possible opportunity to learn from people and experience our wide, wide world. One of my projects along the way was learning Italian, and there are two expressions that are worth sharing: 
| Fare una fotographia |
In most languages like English, French, and Japanese, you "take" a photograph. Fare means to make, do, create. Instead of taking a moment from someone, you have the privilege to see it made, done, and created. 
| Dare |
The action to give. To offer. The English part of my mind sees "dare to give." The reflexive form of the verb (when you yourself are doing the action) becomes devoting yourself. Dedicating yourself. 
Grab a cup or glass of your favorite beverage and let's chat! Leave me a note on my contact page, or shoot me an email with any questions or general life comments: annmisakisinger@gmail.com 
Available for assignments worldwide.
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